Our team has fixed working hours, however we accept queries and related assistance 24/7. In some cases, when you hire a developer or team of developers we can arrange project execution as well in 24/7 mode.
Every project or plugin we work belongs to respective client only. After project is finish, code and everything else is all yours. We also sign NDA.
At Wordpressexpert.in our aim is to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients. To fulfill client requirements we work real hard. In some cases if client is not happy or not getting what client want. We refund the project fee which client have paid.
There are 4 options for payment:
1) Pay online with a Visa/Mastercard
2) Pay online via bank transfer
3) Pay via PayPal
4) Send us a wire
Yes we only work with Wordpress. We want expertise so that provide best solution to our clients.