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Caldera Forms – More Than Contact Forms


Caldera Form is a free and powerful WordPress plugin that creates responsive forms with a simple drag and drop editor. Caldera Forms has many free user-friendly add-ons for both beginners and web developers. Learn more about Caldera Forms at

Caldera Forms’ visual editor simplifies form building for WordPress. Set up your form with multiple columns, add additional pages, and funnel user responses with conditional logic to get more robust data and relevant information from your customers and site visitors. Anti-spam, AJAX, notification emails, and database entry tracking are enabled by default.

Top Features
Intuitive user interface !

Easy to use – drag and drop !

Tons of great field types – calculation, dropdown select, radio, file upload

Conditional logic for form fields, processors and auto-responder recipients!

Front-end post submissions and post editing with the free Caldera Custom Fields add-on

NO LIMITATIONS on the number of forms or fields or submissions!

Unlimited auto-responders!

Anti-spam by default to stop those bots!

Export entries to CSV!

Responsive and accessible by default!

A ton of add-ons to take your forms farther!

Caldera Forms Pro makes your emails reliable and beautiful

Free CDN to improve site speed
All Caldera Forms Add-ons
Grow Your Email List

* MailChimp – Seamlessly integrate MailChimp optins into your forms.

* Aweber – Aweber marketting automation meets Caldera Forms.

* ConvertKit – Convert leads to customers the ConvertKit way.

Accept Payments

* Stripe – Accept credit card payments via Stripe.

* PayPal Express – Accept payments via Paypal Express.

* Dwolla – Accept payments with low fees using Dwolla.

* Accept all major credit cards by integrating Caldera Forms with

* BrainTree Accept credit card payments in your form through BrainTree.

Increase And Measure Conversions

* Google Analytics – Track custom events and eCommerce conversions.

* Connected Forms – Create sequences of forms with conditional logic. Split your forms into smaller pieces, with total control over what comes next.

* A/B Testing – A/B testing for your forms. Powered by Ingot

Front-End Post and User Profile Editing

* Users – Register or login users from your form.

* Caldera Custom Fields – Save form submissions as post and post meta.

Cool Tools!

* Connected Forms – Create sequences of forms with conditional logic. Split your forms into smaller pieces, with total control over what comes next.

* Geolocation – Make a text field a geolocation auto-complete field and recorded geocoded data.

* Mark Viewed – Let users track what content they have viewed using a Caldera Forms.

* Mail Templates – Add your logo, and your brand’s color scheme to your emails sent from Caldera Forms.

* Nexmo Get SMS notifications of form submissions.

* Translations – Multi-lingual WordPress forms. Translate all form fields. One form, all the languages!

* Verify Email for Caldera Forms – Send an email with a validate link to verify the email address before completing the form submission.

* Form as Metabox – Custom Fields – Use a Caldera Form as a metabox in the post editor to save custom field values.

* Slack Integration for Caldera Forms – Get notifications in Slack whenever a Caldera Form is submitted.

* Run Action – Trigger a WordPress action with your form submission.

* Conditional Fail – Set conditions to cause that if met will allow or prevent form submission.

* Postmatic – Subscribe users to your posts and comments using Postmatic.

Third-party add-ons and integrations:

* Caldera Forms Google Sheets Create spreadsheats in Google Drive with form submissions.

* Testify – Testimonials plugin with front-end submissions powered by Caldera Forms.

* AffiliateWP – Register affiliate referral commissions when a Caldera Form is submitted.

* PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon – Style Caldera Forms in the Beaver Builder layout

* FileTrip Upload fields to Dropbox or Google Drive from Caldera Forms.

* WP HTML Email Design fancy, responsive emails for Caldera Forms email notifications.

* CleanTalk Anti-Spam – Additional anti-spam protection for your forms.

* UpiCrm – Use Caldera Forms to add content to the UpiCRM database.


Upload the caldera-forms folder to /wp-content/plugins/ Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Navigate to ‘Caldera Forms’ in wp-admin.

Once you have created a form using the Caldera Forms form builder, insert it in a page or post via the Shortcode inserter button in the post editor or use

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